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  • To calculate costs, enter info on the left side, then click CALCULATE.  This cost is only an estimate, because prices vary when using special inks or complex graphics.
  • To order custom printing, please email a sample graphic to, and include your phone number.  Then we will contact you with your actual price.
No. of 7.50" - 8.50" Decks: Deck Cost:
No. of 8.75" - 10.50" Decks: Setup Fee:
Background Color: Print/Paint Cost:
Colors in Graphic: TOTAL COST:
This does not include shipping and handling costs.  Use the order form to calculate shipping costs for less than 100 decks, or contact us for freight costs.  These prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

custom printing & painting info:

  • in-house printing with over 20 years experience
  • minimum custom order of only 20 decks
  • $50.00 per color setup fee (no fee for background paint)
  • $2.00 print cost per deck, per color**
  • $2.00 per deck for painted bottoms; $3.00 per deck for fully painted decks**
  • print turnaround time is 4-8 weeks
  • full initial non-refundable payment due for all custom printed decks
  • reserves the right to change these prices at any time

**for common colors only; specialty colors are priced accordingly


silkscreen printing using layers and traps

This is a 3-color graphic: black, yellow, and white; on a green background.
Each graphic requires a unique layering sequence to achive the best results.
Though only 3 colors, this graphic requires 4 silkscreens. In the example below,
the film used to shoot the screens is on the left; the printed result on the right.

 First the deck is painted green.
 Screen 1: The black shadows.
 Screen 2: The yellow circles and the letters.
 Screen 3: The white circle.
 Screen 4: The black encircled 9.
Notice that the black shadows require a "trap" (a slight expanded edge) to allow for shifting that can occur in hand-printed designs, as in examples A and B. The next layer of ink covers the extra edge. Otherwise, some prints would have a small gap, as in C and D.
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