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uncut skateboard blanks:
make your custom skateboard deck

to drill truck holes, look at your uncut bottom-side up. find the highest point of the concave at each end. connect the points with a straight-edge to create the deck's center line. place your trucks 14-15 inches apart on the center line, then use a ruler and a 90° edge to make sure they're perfectly centered and perpendicular to the center line. using your trucks as a guide, drill through the holes carefully. this step isn't easy - so it's no extra cost to order your uncuts pre-drilled with truck holes.

to create your deck shape, you can do it several ways. 1) place another deck on top of your uncut and trace it's shape. 2) fold in half a sheet of paper as big as the uncut. draw a half-skateboard shape on the paper, with the fold marking the deck's center. unfold and cut out this template to trace on the uncut deck. 3) freehand your deck shape on the uncut.

cut out your shape using a bandsaw, a jigsaw, or a good handsaw. with rough grip sandpaper, sand the edge to a curve, then switch to a finer grit to smooth the entire surface. use a waterproofing wood sealant, then you can paint or lacquer your deck.

now add hardware and go skate!
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